CASIO MJ-12VCb-RG Check & Correct Calculator

300 Steps Check
Review and Auto Review, Review up to 300 calculation steps.

Auto Review by pressing one single button! While reviewing a calculation, you can make changes in values and operators and re-execute to obtain a new result.

* The LCD examples are from an DJ-120D Plus.

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Product Description

12 digits / 300 steps
Check Calculators
Mini Desk Type

  • Product features

    Day calculation
    Time calculation
    Remainder Calculation
    Tax calculation
  • Product type

    Mini Desk Type
  • Number of digits

    12 digits
  • Liquid crystal display

    Extra Large display
    Function command signs
    3-digit comma markers
  • Key characteristics

    Plastic keys
  • Key functions

    Key rollover
    Shift key (▶)
  • Memory

    Independent memory
  • Power supply

    Solar & Battery
  • Size (D × W × H)

    147 × 103 × 28.8 mm
  • Weight

    115 g
  • Color


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